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A Snail Called Tulip

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Her eyes shyly smiled at me, as I approached a young girl dressed in jean shorts wearing shoes that had animal images dancing on her feet, as she was patiently waiting in line with her father. So, I asked about her bunny shirt... completing her youthful outfit.

And, she lit up like a rainbow, as she shared her passion for connecting and appreciating nature and the animal kingdom...

We both had found the same love frequency and wavelength immediately... Her dogs, bringing her so much joy, loyalty, and laughter…

Her cats, teaching Independence, playfulness, and sovereignty… Her parents, young and bright, also teaching playful responsibility for all of those in her care, as she opens them to theirs…

Not to forget her fish, Coral, who she loves to watch… All this coddling along her mindful Presence with those among her that are different, and yet the same of the One creation...

And, then she gazed at me with a serious look, speaking up about her snail calledTulip! I'm sure, not all of us are fortunate to have one.

It became apparent that none of these little beings were less than her own, but incredibly enhanced her openness and connection for diversity being a “part of it” in its richness and the privilege of life’s giving’s -- as an interconnected unit and whole.

It certainly felt that if they weren't present, her life would be incomplete, and she would miss the sharing and connection only they could hold.

Oh, I remain in awe over the spiritedness, innovation, and creativity of our youth, especially when facilitated rightly. To shine at their genius upon the Earth in order to guide the rest of humanity through an emerging consciousness of interconnection; living as One people, one world, one light, as all unlike it may fade in a multitude of ways.

In the midst of my day, I was reminded of Tulip, and my whole being smiled brightly. Perhaps yours will also. Your Truth Liberator Daniela Bumann

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