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The High-Performance Without Pain


Daily Alignment Cards to help you uncover NEW SOLUTIONS and  continue to perform without pain!

Instead of pushing through the pain, the pressure, or the problem at home or work, use this deck to get to the bottom of it and uncover a new solution with one of the 7 Mindfulness Transformer Habits. You can also use the cards to Prioritze and Plan, Get Unstuck and Uncover Next Steps, or Be Creative.

Daily Alignment Cards Instructions

However you choose to use them, they will help you:


  • Reclaim your authentic self and vibrant life

  • Reset and get even more done

  • Actualize whole-life success

  • Gain authority over negative habits and limiting beliefs

  • Increase work-life congruency and alignment

  • Enhance communication and collaboration with colleagues

  • Improve your relationships with teams and loved ones

  • Expand your confidence and peak performance without pain

You can continue to perform and do it without the pain, and these cards will help you do just that!

Click on the INSTRUCTIONS card image to learn ways you can use the cards for daily alignment

Lavender Fields

"Deep within, you know that the only thing that is truly important is being in alignment with spirit."

Wayne Dyer

Which Habit will help you most right now?
Click a card to take a closer peek!

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"The new Daily Alignment Cards are a fabulous addition to the High Performers tool kit.  Each morning, I look forward to choosing a card and placing it on my desk for a quick reminder of what is truly important. For three days in a row I pulled the same card, and realized it was trying to draw my attention to something significant. They are a whimsical way to connect all of the mindfulness habits and strategies we have worked on and they help me reset and pivot as necessary throughout the day. I am always surprised how relevant each and every card is to my life."

-Tobi Nieland, CPA

"Daniela's Daily Alignment Cards are the perfect addition to her best-selling book. They effectively guide me to integrate the 7-transformer habits and pivot out of challenges in my personal or professional life. I love how they help me to positively navigate day-to-day issues. I even keep them in my purse, which allows me to pull one wherever I am, and anytime I feel like I'm struggling. I always seem to pull exactly the one I need for that day, in order to get out of a funk and regain control. Her coaching system is most powerful, and the 7- Habits flashcards help me deepen my understanding, while expanding my perspective toward my best self."

-Vanessa Peace, Creative Designer

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