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Daniela, originally from Switzerland and now based in California, is a visionary force in the realm of personal and professional transformation. As a multifaceted expert, she dons several hats: corporate consultant, international teacher, transformation speaker, life mastery coach, and evolutionary consciousness guide. Her unwavering commitment revolves around assisting high performers, and those with aspirations, in transcending achiever's burnout, revitalizing strained relationships, and nurturing unparalleled productivity.

With an extensive foundation in performance psychology, emotional intelligence, physiology, personality profiles, communication, and positive psychology, Daniela artfully combines cognitive, behavioral, and communication tools. Her mission? To guide individuals and teams toward the pinnacle of their potential, paving the way for visionary transformation and whole-life success.


Her clientele affectionately nicknames her "The Liberator." Her unorthodox approach, distinguished by no-nonsense reflections, compassionate wit, and heart-centered integration strategies, empowers high achievers to cultivate new habits, forge a next-level mindset, and establish transformative boundaries. This process enables them to liberate themselves from self- and relationship-sabotaging behaviors, creating an environment conducive to growth, congruence, and a harmonious flow from within.


Daniela's paradigm-altering methods propel high performers to unprecedented levels of achievement, leadership, and fulfillment, equipping them with the tenacity and confidence to apply the same vigor to their personal lives. Advanced goal-setting tools and energy management strategies sustain this newfound state of whole-life success.


As an engaging speaker and an inspirational figure, Daniela's thought-provoking messages radiate with a visionary spirit. She ignites a contagious positive momentum that permeates the lives and organizations she touches. Her transformative retreats and training events empower organizations to innovate, collaborate seamlessly, accelerate project timelines, and enhance results, fostering a holistic bottom-line that embodies the essence of whole-life success.


Daniela's bestselling book, High-Performance Without Pain: A 7-Step Blueprint to Reclaim Your Vibrant Life and Get Even More Done, unveils seven mindfulness habits that empower high-performers to conquer relationship challenges, anxiety, lack of focus, and imposter syndrome—common stumbling blocks among high-achieving professionals. The book's Vibrant Living Performance Triad™ provides a proven pathway to unlock the potential of individuals and organizations willing to break free from conventional norms and embrace a visionary journey toward whole-life success.


In her groundbreaking work, Gliding You Home: A Dolphin's Dream of A New Earth, Daniela explores unlocking spiritual potential for fulfillment. As an evolutionary guide, she emboldens lives across all walks, opening new pathways for change and facilitating the discovery of spiritual potential—a key ingredient for whole-life success and greater unity on Earth.


Daniela's influence extends far and wide, as she has contributed to three books and published Vibrant Living Guided Mindfulness Meditations, available as a digital download. Her presence has graced national television and European talk shows, and she has been honored with prestigious awards, including the 100 Women Global Award, the "You Gotta Have a Heart!" nomination, and recognition as a finalist for The Game Changer and The Vision Builder Awards. Daniela's transformative impact, rooted in her visionary approach, continues to inspire individuals and organizations toward a life imbued with whole-life success.

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