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I envision a world where people, organizations, and communities have the knowledge and support to cultivate holistic achievement. Where innovation meets mindfulness, and visionary insights lead to lasting transformation. Our commitment is to empower individuals, leaders and organizations with the tools and resources needed to break free from limitations, realize their full potential, and lead lives of purpose and fulfillment. Together, we foster a legacy of empowerment, growth, and opportunity for present and future generations.

Over two decades ago, I found myself navigating the intricate dance between California and Switzerland, juggling business, parental health, and unexpected struggles. It was during this time that a life-altering experience opened my eyes to the grueling realities of burnout, strained relationships, and unrelenting demands.


Picture this: while preparing for a keynote, I was shocked when my fingers refused to hold the book and my legs moved like molasses. This moment served as a stark reminder that even the most unstoppable heroes encounter human limits, sparking a personal awakening. 


Welcome to the journey with Daniela Bumann, also called the Liberator, a transformative force who bridges the serene Swiss mountains with California’s vibrant innovation. A speaker in high demand and an agent of profound change, Daniela takes conference stages not merely to speak but to create a powerful synthesis of visionary insights with practical applications.


Her unique expertise, steeped in years of dedication and spiced with Swiss flair, ignites lasting transformation, transforming every engagement into a memorable event.

Her expertise is built on a diverse foundation that spans performance psychology, emotional intelligence, trauma-sensitive mindfulness, personality profiles, communication, and positive psychology. Daniela’s multifaceted roles as a corporate consultant and trainer, international teacher, transformational speaker, life mastery coach, and evolutionary consciousness guide are reinforced by honors such as the 100 Women Global Award, a "You Gotta Have a Heart!" nomination, and finalist standings in The Game Changer and The Vision Builder Awards.

Through her bestselling book, "High-Performance Without Pain: A 7-Step Blueprint to Reclaim Your Vibrant Life and Get Even More Done," Daniela introduces a robust system of seven mindfulness habits that equip high-performers to tackle and transcend the universal barriers to success. The book's core, the Vibrant Living Performance Triad™, offers a time-tested pathway for individuals, teams, and entire organizations to embark on a visionary quest for holistic achievement.

Daniela is more than her impressive credentials suggest. Her life off-stage is filled with passion and adventure, exploring the wonders of our planet with compassionate vibrancy. When she steps onto the stage, she is a whirlwind of energy, leaving a ripple of positivity that endures long after the lights dim.Yet, the real twist is that Daniela’s impact lies not only in her public presence but also in her groundbreaking literary work, "Gliding You Home: A Dolphin's Dream of A New Earth," where she delves into the realms of spiritual potential, offering an unconventional narrative that breaks the mold of traditional speaking platforms.


So, let’s begin a dialogue about inviting Daniela to your event and witness first-hand the start of a transformative journey to up-level your success and well-being without the stumble!

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