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Vibrant Living Int.

Daniela is a Swiss native, and as a corporate consultant, international speaker, life mastery coach and evolutionary consciousness guide, Daniela helps high-performers overcome achiever’s burnout, repair challenged relationships, and get even more done. With decades of study and experience in the fields of performance psychology, emotional intelligence, physiology (movement), personality profiles, communication, and positive psychology, Daniela combines cognitive, behavioral, and communication tools to help individuals and teams maximize their performance.

Clients call her The Liberator for a reason. Her unorthodox approach with its no-nonsense reflections, compassionate wit, and heart-centered integration strategies is exactly what high-performers need to create internal alignment and make necessary changes without enormous disruption. She knows that every person can “break free” from self- and relationship-sabotaging behaviors by cultivating habits and boundaries that generate growth, congruence, and flow from the inside-out. Their paradigm shifts catapult high-performers to the next level of achievement, leadership, and fulfillment -- empowering them to direct and enjoy their personal life with the tenacity and confidence with which they lead teams and organizations. Advanced goal-setting tools and energy management strategies allow them to sustain their new level of whole-life success.

Daniela energizes audiences with thought-provoking messages and sparks infectious positive momentum in the lives and organizations she reaches. Her team-building retreats and training events empower organizations to innovate, collaborate, accelerate project timelines, and increase their results and their bottom line. 

Daniela is a Bestselling author, and in her book, High-Performance Without Pain: A 7-Step Blueprint to Reclaim Your Vibrant Life and Get Even More Done, Daniela shares seven mindfulness habits that allow high-performers to overcome the relationship challenges, anxiety, lack of focus, and imposter syndrome that tend to pervade the experience of high-achieving professionals. The Vibrant Living Performance TriadTM included provides a sure-fire pathway to unleash the potential of any individual or organization willing to stop doing “business as usual” and start incorporating heart-centered skills that open new pathways for change and results to emerge.

Daniela has contributed to three books and published the vibrant living guided meditation mindfulness CD and guided Performance Visualization CDs for maximizing daily focus, performance, and work-life balance. She has appeared on national television and been on European talk shows. Daniela has also received several awards, including The 100 Women Global Award and she has received the “You Gotta Have a Heart!” nomination and was a finalist for The Game Changer and The Vision Builder Awards. 

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