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Experience the SPIRIT of Vibrant Living
& Pivot Into a 
FREEDOM Lifestyle


Build your own cocktail for a happier, healthier life by gaining and understanding your unique recipe of the tools and techniques that will allow you to reset, pivot and gain authentic alignment.

  • Take authentic, mindful and intentional action

  • Reset, recharge and refocus

  • Learn and harness the power of presence

  • Stay focused on what's most important

  • Gain congruence and reach your potential

  • Understand yourself - Reconnect mind, body & spirit

  • Trust the call of your soul

  • Find your direction and achieve your goals

  • Achieve deep relaxation & peace of mind

  • Discover your vitalizing-balance between doing-life and being your authentic self

  • Refocus and regain powerful internal alignment (deliberate creation)

  • Enhance access and trust your intuitive wisdom

  • Activate freedom beliefs and mindset

  • Activate your unique flow-state (work and life)

  • Redesign and reimagine, affirm and activate your best life!

Meditation Class



What is Vibrant Living for Life?

"Life is really simple,
but we insist on making
it complicated."


Take Steps Toward Your Life REIMAGINED!

Choose the experience that best fits your lifestyle!

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Reviews From Those

Who Have Experienced

the Spirit of Vibrant Living

"Daniela Bumann's style of life coaching is a mind opening experience! I am 27 years old and a Registered ICU Nurse. I came to Daniela a little over a year ago, primarily because of an eating disorder I had had for nearly 8 years. Also identity issues and confusion in myself of what I wanted in life, what mattered to me, and how to make it happen. Daniela skillfully helped me learn to quiet my mind and all the distractions I'd built up around me, so I was able to go deep into my own truth. This ability to go in, to my feelings, my sensations, and become aware of my body's feedback on how I was living has opened my
mind and changed the way I live.
During our sessions, Daniela always seemed to know just what activity I needed to help me go deeper in... and it was always a surprise to me lol. I now use the tools she has given me to listen to my inner self, to be honest with myself (good or bad), and to release control. I've learned so much about relationships and boundaries. The relationship with my own body and with my mind, the relationship with food and appriciation for it, not abuse. My relationships with coworkers, family members and friends have become so much healthier, real and loving. My life has so much more excitement and meaning, and I look forward to what the future brings Daniela has brought VIBRANCY and JOY to my life! Thank you forever!!

-Lauren Cook, RN BSN