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Work with Daniela Bumann
and Achieve High-Performance Without Pain

Daniela Bumann is a Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker/Trainer, Evolutionary Consciousness Guide, and Life Mastery Coach, who can help maximize your mindset and behavior, in order to create internal alignment and work-life fulfillment. Advanced goal-setting tools and energy management strategies allow you to sustain your new level of whole-life success. Whether it’s your career, your relationships, or business morale and productivity, she’ll help you advance or develop the mindfulness performance habits, congruence, and the skills to effectively overcome challenges to live a 

LIBERATED - BOLD - REAL-ized life.



Dynamic & Energetic Keynote Speaker

Engaging & Transformational

Daniela DELIVERS not just a speech,
but an EXPERIENCE! Daniela's talks are dynamic, engaging and humorous. She takes you on a deep dive, thought-provoking transformation. All programs are customized to your needs. Invite Daniela to speak at your group's next event!



Workshops & Retreats For Organizations

Congruence & Mindful Productivity

Daniela energizes audiences with thought-provoking messages and sparks infectious positive momentum in the lives and organizations she reaches. Her team-building retreats and training events empower organizations to innovate, collaborate, accelerate, increase results and their bottom line.

Business Woman


Life, Career & Performance Coaching
Get the Most Out of Your Life

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. You will gain the tools and techniques to overcome, rise and achieve a balanced and fulfilling work-life. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise.

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Guided Holistic Meditation Session

Reset, Recharge & Refocus!

Schedule a holistic meditation session with Daniela. Personalized and guided mindfulness meditation visualization (including instruction). Let Daniela help you to relax and focus, guide you, and inspire you. Reconnect to wellness and release stress, anxiety, overwhelm and tension. Refresh, revitalize and restore a positive and peaceful state of mind.


"Power of GOOD vs. Bad Habits for Success!" 

Daniela Bumann, Motivational Speaker, Liberator & Corporate Consultant
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The "High Performance Without Pain" Book
and Companion Product Collection


THE BEST-SELLING BOOK: A 7-step blueprint to reclaim your vibrant life and get even more done! Available in paperback, e-book & audio-book.

THE PLANNER: A partner for your day-to-day to incorporate and work with the 7 game-changing, mindfulness habits to help you actualize your goals, manage your energy, and your time.

THE WORKBOOK: Use alone or alongside the book as a powerful companion guide to help you integrate the habits into your everyday experiences and deepen your self-knowledge, mindfulness, and maximize work-life success.

THE DAILY ALIGNMENT CARDS: Use the cards to get to the bottom of the pain and uncover a new solution. You can also use the cards to Prioritize and Plan, Get Unstuck and Uncover Next Steps, or Be Creative.

Check out what readers are saying!

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Ursula Mentjes

Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker

“I’ve been a high performer my entire life, always wanting to do my best and be my best. But at what cost? I wish I would have read Daniela’s book about 25 years ago, as it would have saved me a lot of pain and suffering! Don’t just read High-Performance Without Pain — LIVE IT. Read it and take yourself through the exercises that she has given you to be a high-performer who lives in joy, peace, and freedom… and not regret. And gift a copy of this book to all of your high performer friends, family, and clients. They will thank you!


Amanda Johnson

Founder of True to Intention

“Being a high-performer is a blessing with a dark shadow potential. I’m grateful that Daniela is helping us develop habits to keep us productive, healthy, and sane, and prevent us from losing the people we treasure the most.


Alyssa Noelle Coelho


Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur

“As a high-performer in my mid-twenties,

I wish I would have read this book

ten years ago. Over-working myself in order to achieve my goals has been a constant theme throughout my life and while I have tasted success, I have been lacking so many other ingredients for a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. Daniela eloquently navigates the terrain all of us high-performers struggle with and provides practical tools and insights for creating and achieving a truly wholesome success.

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"When you Show Up, your life will Step Up."

Daniela Bumann, Motivational Speaker, Liberator & Corporate Consultant
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