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Vibrant Living Guided Mindfulness Meditations

Inspired meditations to improve daily FOCUS, maximize work-life BALANCE, and achieve a peaceful state of RELAXATION.

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Let Vibrant Living Guided Meditations nurture your whole being

-- BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT --

guiding you to a more energized and dynamic way of living!

  • These inspired meditations will create sharper FOCUS and greater INSIGHT and CLARITY into your everyday challenges.

  • They will also EMPOWER you to experience greater RELAXATION and PEACE OF MIND.

  • The first three tracks CAN even be listened to in the car!

  • Calming harp music (recorded live) and valued practical suggestions guiding you to breathe, keep you grounded, focused ,and "on track" in order to improve the quality of your work-life.

A practical and everyday personal guide to accompany you through all aspects of your day from morning ‘til night including:


  • Morning Power Up (Track 1 - 11:46) - Pop in first thing upon rising, during breakfast, or while driving to work

  • Midday Lift (Track 2 - 14:34) - Take a short break during the day to re-center and recharge

  • Gratitude (Track 3 - 18:55) - Shake off your day while driving home from work

  • Deep Relaxation (Track 4 -21:11) - Listen before melting into bed each evening

Individual tracks may be purchased separately (click links above) or as a complete collection.

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“This is a first class production. Daniela’s calming and soothing voice helps one gain access to a peaceful state of relaxation. A must for anyone seeking to unwind from the pressures of daily living.”

-Jaime R. Casellas, Ph.D.

Founding Director of the Stress Management & Prevention Clinic

"Daniela, thank-you so much for your gift of calm and focus that I experience when I retreat to the daily four tracks of mediation form vibrant living. The gentle music, the calm of your voice and the depth of the imagery you use always helps me to become centered, thoughtful and recharged to take on each portion of my day.


The morning meditation is the first building block to start the day with a vibrant plan, the mid-day "lifts" offer reflection and a pathway to complete the day and the evening meditation sets the stage for a relaxing and renewing sleep.  Thank-you for helping me to live vibrantly each day with vibrant living."

-Joe Jamieson, M.Ed

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