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Gratitude: A Vibrant Living Guided Mindfulness Meditation with Daniela Bumann


Inspired meditation to improve daily FOCUS, maximize work-life BALANCE, and achieve a peaceful state of RELAXATION.

A practical and everyday personal guide to accompany you as you shake off your day while driving home from work!




  • This inspired meditation will create sharper FOCUS and greater INSIGHT and CLARITY into your everyday challenges.
  • It will also EMPOWER you to experience greater RELAXATION and PEACE OF MIND.
  • 18:55 run time
  • Can be listened to in the car!
  • Calming harp music (recorded live) and valued practical suggestions guiding you to breathe, keep you grounded, focused, and "on track" in order to improve the quality of your work-life.

Let this Vibrant Living Guided Meditation nurture your whole being -- body, mind, and spirit -- guiding you to a more energized and dynamic way of living!



Best Meditation Listening Practices:


  • For maximum benefits, it is best if you set specific times aside daily (at home, at the office, etc.). The more you include them into your day-to-day, the greater your balance, focus, and momentum will grow.
  • While the first three active mindfulness meditation tracks (Morning Power Up, Midday Lift, and Gratitude) may be listened to in the car, it is suggested to listen to them at home first. If you decide to listen in your vehicle, please do so with caution (see Precautionary below).
  • Track number four (Deep Relaxation) CANNOT be listened to in your vehicle as it requires quietness and stillness.




Always drive safely, avoid distractions, and follow local laws. If you to listen to the active meditations in the car while driving, you will do so at your own risk. No responsibility will be assumed by Daniela Bumann or Vibrant Living Int.



Gratitude: Guided Mindfulness Meditation (digital download)

  • Downloadable MP3 audio track

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