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Gliding You Home

A Dolphins Dream of A New Earth

Unlocking Your Spiritual Potential:

A Practical Guide to Evolving Your Consciousness for Personal Growth and Fulfillment

By Daniela Bumann

Liberator | Evolutionary Consciousness Coach | Transformational Speaker

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A Dolphins Dream of A New Earth


Unlocking Your Spiritual Potential:

A Practical Guide to Evolving Your Consciousness for Personal Growth and Fulfillment

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual ascension as you read Gliding You Home. In this captivating guide, Daniela Bumann, an entrepreneur, international teacher, speaker and coach, shares her profound experience as she connected to the highly intelligent and intuitive dolphin consciousness, which she discovered during a time of debilitating symptoms having reached her physical limit.  Still connected to the joyful dolphin consciousness that had picked her up and glided her to the other side, she agreed to help them share their wisdom and secret knowledge with you, too.


Through this book, you will discover:

  • a visionary perspective on personal growth, next-level mindset, higher evolution, and spiritual ascension for you and all of humanity

  • transformational steps to let go of old paradigms, embrace new consciousness, relinquish outdated programming, and help your body keep up with the process 

  • pivotal inspiration to create a new world of unity, belonging, and vibrant living

  • sacred dolphin wisdom instrumental for collaboration and living life from a “flow” state


Dive deep and allow Gliding You Home to be your guide on the path to spiritual ascension, supported by the Power of Love. Open your heart, let your soul soar, and embrace extraordinary possibilities as you journey towards unity, self-mastery, and belonging, revealed through this blueprint and a profound connection with the wisdom and intuitive consciousness of dolphins.

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Praises for Daniela Bumann's Gliding You Home

Peter Sterling

16 Award Winning Premier Harpist and Composer

"As someone who has spent over four decades exploring dolphin consciousness and has had the privilege of swimming with dolphins all around the world, I can confidently say that Gliding You Home: A Dolphin's Dream of the New Earth by Daniela Bumann is an exceptional addition to the collective works on dolphin and cetacean consciousness.

From the very beginning, Bumann's poetic expression captures the essence of the dolphins, and as I delved into the book, I felt my consciousness softening and becoming more fluid, akin to the water itself. This, in my experience, is the true nature of dolphins—to invite us into their watery realm, where we can tap into a state of flow and expanded consciousness.

By immersing ourselves in the flow state, we can unlock new levels of harmony and integration between our body, mind, and spirit. It grants us access to profound states of higher consciousness, healing, and illumination. Gliding You Home masterfully guides readers into the dolphin consciousness and the flow state, profoundly reconnecting us to the primordial creation and the spirit of the oceans. It instills hope for humanity's future and helps us shift into a new planetary state of consciousness.

Having personally explored dolphin consciousness, I found Bumann's book to be a poignant and soul-stirring experience. It facilitates healing and connection with cetacean consciousness and the watery world they inhabit. It offers a fresh perspective and renews our faith in humanity's potential for growth and transformation.

For those who are fascinated by dolphins and seek a deeper understanding of their consciousness, I wholeheartedly recommend Gliding You Home. It will speak to your soul, bringing about profound healing and connection with the cetacean realm. This book offers a new hope, encouraging us to embrace the future with renewed compassion and awareness.

Overall, Gliding You Home: A Dolphin's Dream of the New Earth is an inspiring and enlightening read that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who ventures into its pages. Dive into this extraordinary journey and embark on a profound exploration of the watery world and the transformative wisdom of dolphin consciousness. Highly recommended."


Renee Beth Poindexter

Founder of Living The Potential Network

Gliding You Home is a transformative and captivating book that leads readers on a journey toward self-discovery and an awakened existence. The author beautifully captures the essence of the galactic experience and shares the wisdom of dolphins, encouraging readers to embrace love, compassion, and trust in the midst of the challenges of modern life. The book explores the power of collective voices harmonizing as one and the significance of nature's spirals and seasonal cycles in deepening trust and revealing one's soul's calling. It also highlights the urgent need to address climate disruption and become healing forces for our planet.


The book's message offers a transformative passage through the chaos of our modern era, encouraging readers to dissolve outdated paradigms and embrace an awakened existence. The author's words gracefully liberate readers from the struggle of trying to control life and guide them toward peace, harmony, and an awakened existence. It is a timely and important book that has profound implications for the evolution and survival of the human species. This book has profoundly impacted me, and I highly encourage you to read and share “Gliding You Home” to create a ripple effect and contribute to the awakening of our fellow Earth citizens."


Darlene Merkler
Education/Outreach Coordinator
Inland Caregiver Resource Center

"Reading this book has been a mesmerizing and life-changing experience for me. It has helped me reconnect with myself, with the present moment, and with the interconnectedness of all things. It has awakened a deeper understanding of who I am and what I'm capable of. I feel inspired, uplifted, and ready to embrace the next chapter of my spiritual evolution.

I truly believe that this book has the power to transform lives. It's a gentle guide that helps us shed the layers of conditioning and step into our true essence. It's an invitation to embark on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and connection. I can't recommend it enough. Dive into its pages, let its wisdom wash over you, and let yourself soar to new heights."


Amanda Johnson

Founder, True To Intention | Brand and Content Oracle

"Having worked on Daniela's first book, I found myself smiling as I swam through this one. The Dolphins have given us the higher octave of High-Performance Without Pain, expanding on the seven steps of her blueprint in a higher frequency that calls the reader to more. Those ready to dive deeper into their heart and work joyfully from their spirit will love this book."


Lori Raupe

Three-time #1 International Best-Selling Author, John Maxwell Team Trainer, Motivational Speaker and CEO and Founder of Lori Raupe Enterprises

"Gliding You Home is a deep dive with the dolphins, a transformative journey of profound self-discovery, offering you an enlightened experience that surpasses the boundaries of a mere 'personal growth book'. Daniela Bumann, the author of this captivating experience of exploration, embarked on a profound journey of wisdom and healing. At first glance, you may think it was uniquely for her. However, the essence of this experience goes beyond her personal transformation. It is meant to resonate deeply with you, let it. Intentionally accept this invitation to embark on your own transformative encounter. The dolphins beckon you to align with your true purpose as intended by God. With Daniela’s insightful prose and the guidance of her spiritual allies, the book invites you to immerse yourself, be fully present and receptive to the shared wisdom. By attentively observing your thoughts, emotions, and reactions, you unlock an infinite realm of possibilities for your own transcending personal enlightenment. With the dolphins as your wise companions, you surrender to the depths within, emerging forever transformed. Embrace this opportunity, immerse yourself, and embark on a journey that will profoundly impact every facet of your life."

Reader Reviews

Dawn pic.jpg

Dawn Varga

Owner and Managing Partner of OnTarget Digital Services. LLC

Gliding You Home allows you to deep dive into your consciousness and become immersed in your interconnection with all life.

By opening your heart and mind to Daniela’s poetic expression of her experience with the Dolphin Consciousness, and letting it guide you through the book, you can elevate your perspective and transform into who you were authentically meant to be from the inside out.

I highly recommend Gliding You Home to anyone ready to embrace a journey of self-discovery and ascend to a better understanding of the joy that comes from living life in harmony and flow with the Earth and all beings."

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