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Mastering Self Sabotage: 7 Secrets to Unlock Your Potential

Self-sabotage often masks itself as an enemy, but it's more like a protector, shielding us from the unknowns and fears that come with reaching our deepest desires. In this quest, we explore self-sabotage's intricacies, aiming to disarm it. Let's unveil the seven secrets to conquer self-sabotage and unlock your true potential.

1st Secret: Is it Visioned?

Without a vision, people will perish. Let's take a look at 'your' bigger picture of what you're trying to achieve specifically. When you make your vision or goal deeply meaningful and BIG, you will automatically be pulled by its vision vs. be pushed by fear, whereby getting stuck and sidetracked by the petty little side-tracking tyrants this produces, also recognized in your self-sabotaging and emotionally controlled behaviors and actions. Just like children, perhaps not knowing and understanding the complete WHY they're required to do something, as the "core inspiration" for doing it.

Action item: Expand and position your goal with your grander vision to maximize its power of materialization.

2nd Secret: Is it Purposed?

What is the true intention and purpose behind what you are trying to do? What's the reason for you wanting to do this in the first place? Are you trying to please yourself, or another, or enacting people-pleasing behavior and getting this mixed up with your authentic values of purpose? When you become crystal clear on your “genuine purpose," this will uplift and parlay your desire for action and service on behalf of it to your next level of actualization and create the ultimate momentum in the achievement of it. Especially, when you are explicit on your "purpose-driven intention" as to why you chose it in the first place, and what you are wanting to gain from it, let go of, pivot, or achieve.

Action item: Honestly clarify your reason behind the purpose of Your Action, or any underlying motives, helping you to redirect your purpose.

3rd Secret: Is it Soul-Connected?

How authentic, soul-centered, and connected to your core, highest, and best self is the goal of what you are trying to achieve, personally or professionally? When you start anything that you DO from who you authentically ARE, it has the startling effect of allowing you to burst through the fog of confusion, procrastination, and resistance and lifts you off onto yet another plateau. All the while, readily facilitating a clarification process directed and stemming from your actual soul connection in tune with your truest intentions; emoting exuberance, a sense of belonging, confidence, and integrated action, versus a state of disconnection, and your ego need for speedy results, often demonstrated in the form of reactivity, anxiousness, feeling scattered, autopilot, and un-centered and ungrounded actions, instead of conscious, mindfully deliberate attentive actions readily able to perceive relevance or relativity to the goal purpose at hand. Or is it just something to people please, to stand out, and in it not coming from a genuine inner impulse and inspiration?

Action item: Before you do anything, check in with your "being" self and get centered within it to navigate from your soul-directed self and purpose to keep it real.

4th Secret: Is it a Joyful Endeavor?

Every action may have its ups and downs, valleys, and rivers, however, observing your own self-sabotage, and in order to get to the root of it tap into your deeper feeling state of what it produces. What does your task or action that you are trying to avoid "feel" like? Or can you swing your perspective around and recognize that in the doing of it, it just might empower you to be in control of it and produce the desired result? It's not uncommon to have to push through a little discomfort to get to the other side of the tunnel, where you find yourself smiling brightly while looking back at what you've left behind. Ultimately, your goal requires you to be in a grand scheme of feeling good versus bad and be in joyful alignment whereby soliciting and generating feelings of connectedness, flow, value-recognition, freedom, and light-hearted inspiration to top it off.

Action item: Is what I'm doing soliciting and generating an exuberant, harmonious and confident feeling state?

5th Secret: Is it Laser Sharply Focused?

The clarity of deliberate focus and action to "hold" your desired course, including all it entails as the captain of your own ship, cannot be underestimated. It's easy to get sidetracked into the egos seduction of the little misfitting fears acknowledged however, but not worthy of your attention, and not suitable and privileged of a place at the head of your vision table, purpose, soul connection, joyful endeavor, decisiveness, and personal energy alignment. As a deliberate creator, it is a must to practice the spiritual discipline of keeping your eye on the ball (also in parts through personal growth development and self-constrained), and if you choose to play with several, to become a master materializer and re-focuser of your own energy, never mind anyone else's.

Action item: Daily check-in with your top priorities to keep your focus where it belongs.

6th Secret: Is it Decisive?

Deliberate choice is an extremely powerful conduit to initiate action and keep momentum flowing high while moving things forward in your personal or professional life. Whether your focus is your health and lifestyle, professional, relationships or any other achievement desired. It's easy to get tripped up on a lack of decisiveness because in truth a choice needs to be followed up with quite often a multitude of small or big decisions (for there cannot be one without the other). This then creates the multiplying effect of choice and decisiveness, pivoting up and down the stream of your life rather quickly, versus getting stuck in the loopholes of confusion, delays and procrastination of why you can or cannot do something.

Action item: After you integrate the previous secrets and have made a choice, honestly and decisively clarify your next choice of action.

7th Secret: Is it Energy Aligned?

For your ultimate personal, work, and life alignment to take hold and bring to fruition your most meaningful and joyful desires and goals, it is essential that your "personal" energy alignment is set in place. Just like your car gets an alignment to prevent it from veering off to the left or right side of the street (unsure of its actual direction, due to a lack of inner-oriented alignment), it is the same for you. However, oftentimes you may hastily take actions whereby sidestepping this most essential factor causing you to sabotage yourself at the core (unbeknownst yourself), which is not in alignment with what has true heart and meaning, instead of producing an in-sync fluid synergy capable of interlacing your highest purpose rapidly. As if by magic. It is for this reason that a personal energy alignment practice becomes prudent and readily creates the wind beneath Your wings.

Action item: Practice to gain an inner-oriented alignment in which to BE first to become before you start to DO and then have what you want to achieve.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Power

In the journey to disarm self-sabotage, we've explored the hidden intricacies of our own minds and hearts. We've unveiled the secrets that can lead us to a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment. Remember, self-sabotage is not your enemy; it's a guardian of the familiar. Trust in your authentic self, and you'll discover the strength to break free from its grasp.

As you move forward, keep these seven secrets close to your heart. Embrace your vision, live your purpose, nurture your soul connection, find joy in your endeavors, stay focused, make decisions decisively, and align your energy. With these tools, you have the power to not only conquer self-sabotage but also to create a life that radiates with authenticity and purpose. Your journey toward self-empowerment begins now.

Daniela Bumann, CEO

Vibrant Living Int.

Bestselling Author and Thought Leader, Transformative Speaker, Life Mastery Coach, and Evolutionary Consciousness Guide

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