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Are you ready to grow and nurture your team members from the inside out?

Fuel your organization's growth by inspiring intentional action and greater teamwork with transformational speaking programs with an experienced and seasoned life & career coach and trainer.

Are you looking for a captivating speaker or trainer? 

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Daniela DELIVERS not just a speech,

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Daniela's Talks are

She takes your group on a deep dive thought-provoking transformation.

The perfect way to motivate and inspire the members of your group, company, or organization.

All speaking programs are CUSTOMIZED to fit your needs. Please inquire about your topic of choice. 

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at your next event!

Daniela's Keynotes & Speaking Programs



Balancing Act: Achieving High-Performance Without Burning Out

This talk is designed to inspire and empower medical professionals who want to elevate their career and life. You will learn practical and proven strategies to balance high-performance and well-being, based on the latest research and best practices. You will also get a chance to interact with other medical professionals who share your goals and challenges, and create a supportive network for your journey. Daniela is ready to help your team transform their work-life and unlock their full potential.

In this talk, you will discover how to:

1. Balance high-performance and well-being in your work
2. Stay mindful and resilient in challenging situation
3. Learn the seven power virtues for work-life flow and excellence

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Elevate Your Leadership: Unleashing the Power of 7 Habits and a No-Limit Mindset

Join me and learn to develop practical mindfulness habits to overcome challenges and enhance productivity. Embrace a no-limit mindset for seizing opportunities with purpose-driven urgency. Foster authentic connections and teamwork to navigate complexity with resilience. Empower leaders and their teams to elevate performance while maintaining inner harmony. This session is a must for corporate leaders seeking to innovate, collaborate, and increase results.

In this talk, you will discover how to:

1. Harness 3 Mindful Habits for enhanced focus and productivity, reducing stress.
2. Embrace a No-Limit Mindset: Act with urgency, aligning actions for fulfillment.
3. Achieve Balanced Team-Performance: Cultivate happiness/resilience in high-performance.



Habitual Excellence: Leveraging The Power of Good (vs Bad) Habits for Corporate Success

In the corporate leadership landscape, success is not just about strategy—it’s about habits. This keynote highlights the crucial role of habits, both positive and negative, in shaping organizational outcomes.

Gain insights into the impact of habits on performance and receive actionable strategies for sustainable success. This transformative opportunity for your leadership journey is guided by Daniela, empowering teams to unlock their full potential and achieve transformative success through the power of positive habits.

In this talk, you will learn how to:

1. Understand the profound influence of habits on organizational outcomes.
2. Implement strategies to manage habits and positively impact team culture.
3. Comprehend how habit management can drive continuous improvement and long-term success.

Don’t miss this chance to leverage the power of habits and steer your team towards sustainable success.


Crowd of People

Custom Signature Training & Retreats: 

High-Performance Without Pain: A 7-Step Blueprint to Reclaim Your Vibrant Life and Get Even More Done​!

Daniela's captivating insights, visionary outlook, and transformative journey as a life mastery coach and spiritual teacher make her a dynamic speaker and guide for those ready to awaken, transform, and embrace a life of exuberance and unity.


See Daniela in ACTION!

Empower Your Journey: Daniela Bumann`s Inspirational Speaker Reel
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Light in the Sky

"This IS heaven on earth. Right here, right now. See it."

Daniela Bumann,
Motivational Speaker, Liberator & Corporate Consultant

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Reviews From Those

Who Have Experienced

Daniela's Talks

"It was great to have Daniela present for the staff here at ICRC. The presentation on 'Mindfulness and Compassionate Action' was great for professionals, especially in a time of virtual work and stress.


The handout and journaling suggestions along with her Daily Alignment Cards, make a great tool for everyone to use and practice in their daily lives. My favorite part of the presentation was the opportunity for meditation along with her choice of music to uplift and motivate each other. Daniela does a great job at delivering information in a compassionate and knowledgeable way that engages her audience and makes a positive lasting impact. Such as during her keynote on 'The Power of Acceptance & Forgiveness,' for our Annual Caregiver Conference 2023.


Great job Daniela and will most definitely recommend and bring her back for future presentations.


-Krystal Perez, BS

Education/Outreach Supervisor 

Inland Caregiver Resource Center

Testimonial from Marcy Decato, Soroptimist International Corona

Testimonial from Jackie Phillips, Phillips Wellness

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