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Gliding You Home

A Dolphins Dream of A New Earth

Unlocking Your Spiritual Potential:

A Practical Guide to Evolving Your Consciousness for Personal Growth and Fulfillment

By Daniela Bumann

Liberator | Evolutionary Consciousness Coach | Transformational Speaker


Through this book, you will discover:

  • a visionary perspective on personal growth, next-level mindset, higher evolution, and spiritual ascension for you and all of humanity
  • transformational steps to let go of old paradigms, embrace new consciousness, relinquish outdated programming, and help your body keep up with the process 
  • pivotal inspiration to create a new world of unity, belonging, and vibrant living
  • sacred dolphin wisdom instrumental for collaboration and living life from a “flow” state


Dive deep and allow Gliding You Home to guide you on the path to spiritual ascension, supported by the Power of Love. Open your heart, let your soul soar, and embrace extraordinary possibilities as you journey towards unity, self-mastery, and belonging, revealed through this blueprint and a profound connection with the wisdom and intuitive consciousness of dolphins.

Gliding You Home: A Dolphins Dream of A New Earth (paperback)

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