The High-Performance Without Pain Workbook

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Is it even possible to be a high-performer and live without this type of pain?

As a high-performing leader (high-level executive, entrepreneur, caregiver, helping professional, etc.) who succeeded quickly because of your unique combination of innate brilliance, drive, and hard work, chances are you have experienced a moment (or perhaps several) when it feels like everything is about to fall apart.


If you are like most high-performers, you may find yourself struggling with feelings of mental and physical exhaustion as health issues, anxiety, or even depression creep in; being short-tempered with loved ones and team members and feeling the regret of not being able to be your usual cool, calm, and collected self; fighting to get focused and feeling pulled in too many directions at the same time; and wondering if the war between your work and life will ever end.


Used alone or alongside the book, High Performance WITHOUT Pain, this companion workbook will help you integrate 7 Mindfulness Transformer Habits deeply into your everyday experience as a high-performing professional and in all of the other roles you play in your life. You will have the opportunity to deepen your self-knowledge, your practice of mindfulness, and your results as you mindfully work to:


  • Pivot your “high-performer pain” stories into vibrant success stories

  • Gain authority over negative habits and limiting beliefs

  • Integrate step-by-step strategies for personal and professional whole-life success

  • Recreate healthy boundaries, and transitions, between work and life

  • Combat overwhelm and reduce your anxiety, depression, and exhaustion

  • Realign with your values and create congruence

  • Return your clarity, focus, and optimism

  • Reclaim a sense of renewed energy, self-direction, and flow

  • Repair your challenged relationships

You can experience authentic success and fulfillment.
All you need are some new habits.

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