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The High-Performance Without Pain

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A companion workbook for high-achievers and those aspiring to be!

Is it even possible to be a high-performer and live without this type of pain?

As a high-performing leader (high-level executive, entrepreneur, caregiver, helping professional, etc.) who succeeded quickly because of your unique combination of innate brilliance, drive, and hard work, chances are you have experienced a moment (or perhaps several) when it feels like everything is about to fall apart.


If you are like most high-performers, you may find yourself struggling with feelings of mental and physical exhaustion as health issues, anxiety, or even depression creep in; being short-tempered with loved ones and team members and feeling the regret of not being able to be your usual cool, calm, and collected self; fighting to get focused and feeling pulled in too many directions at the same time; and wondering if the war between your work and life will ever end.


Used alone or alongside the book, High Performance WITHOUT Pain, this companion workbook from best-selling author Daniela Bumann, will help you integrate 7 Mindfulness Transformer Habits deeply into your everyday experience as a high-performing professional and in all of the other roles you play in your life. You will have the opportunity to deepen your self-knowledge, your practice of mindfulness, and your results as you mindfully work to:


  • Pivot your “high-performer pain” stories into vibrant success stories

  • Gain authority over negative habits and limiting beliefs

  • Integrate step-by-step strategies for personal and professional whole-life success

  • Recreate healthy boundaries, and transitions, between work and life

  • Combat overwhelm and reduce your anxiety, depression, and exhaustion

  • Realign with your values and create congruence

  • Return your clarity, focus, and optimism

  • Reclaim a sense of renewed energy, self-direction, and flow

  • Repair your challenged relationships

You can experience authentic success and fulfillment.
All you need are some new habits.

Wild Path

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts."

Winston S. Churchill
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Wayne S. Dysinger

MD, MPH; Founder, Lifestyle Medical; Chair, American and International Board of Lifestyle Medicine; Past-President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

"High performance requires ongoing growth. Growth comes from both listening to and learning from personal experience, as well as fully appreciating and developing based on the experiences of others. In High Performance Without Pain, Daniela not only leads us through how to maximize growth from our own experiences, but graciously shares her journey that helped lead to the important 7 step formula for continued progress. Balance is key, and Daniela’s 7 steps are exquisitely balanced. They can be applied to our day-to-day life rhythms, but even more importantly used for ongoing high performance in our life purpose and calling. I’m grateful for this book in my journey, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for ongoing growth and a balanced high-performance life."

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