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The High-Performance Without Pain

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Everything You Need to Get Ready to Actualize Your Goals for 2022 in a NEW light!

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Work with Daniela

Workshops & Retreats are based on my book!

Are you tired of the same old negative habits defeating your efforts, relationships, and true potential?



The High-Performance Without Pain Planner is your companion guide to incorporating and working with the 7 game-changing Transformative Mindfulness Habits found in "High-Performance Without Pain: A 7-Step Blueprint to Reclaim Your Vibrant Life and Get Even More Done." 


Each month includes tools, affirmations, and reflections to help you stay balanced and congruent within your relationships, work and life.

  • MINDFUL PRODUCTIVITY for whole life Success!


  •  PARADIGM SHIFT to use the 7-Transformer Habits for Breakthroughs

  •  GET ORGANIZED AND PRIORITIZE your Goals into Reality

  • ACHIEVE MILESTONES and Clarify your Intentions

  •  ESTABLISH BOUNDERIES at Work and in Your Life

  •  INTERNAL ALIGNMENT work from Presence vs. Reactivity

  •  UP-LEVEL YOUR ENERGY regain Balance and Maximize Your Motivation with Affirmations!

  •  And Much More...

Growing Ruccula

"The future comes one day at a time. Plant it well, and its seeds will sprout and flourish accordingly."

Daniela Bumann, Author, Motivational Speaker & Life Mastery Coach

Why the Planner "is a must!"

High-Performance Without Pain Habits Planner & Book for Success!
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