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From Dust to Dawn

Truth Declarations Series

My first taste of the California "landscape" was at barely 19. I decided to come over with two girlfriends to work as Au pairs and explore the sphere. The feeling was one of breaking out of the mill while opening heart and mind, exploring new enlightening fields. Palm trees, lots of sunshine, beaches, and a certain 'lightness' delighted, a stark difference from the beautiful, but rugged, sophisticated, yet silent type and earthy Swiss Alps, I grew up in.

Smitten with the adventure that was upon me, ready for reinvention. We shared a spirit of enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, street smarts, and helping each other through the winding roads of surprises, good and not so. Trusting my inner compass to lead the way.

Within six months a New horizon had opened in which we traversed (including Greyhound buses etc.) what seemed impossible, changing our lives in different ways. Wetting our appetites, creating new viewpoints, and possibilities away from our homeland. Opportunities to RISE!

What was "different" particularly enticing to me, wanting to learn more about cultural diversity and variety, adding depth and Wonder to orchestrating daily living.

Our visas up in 6 months, we, minus one girlfriend landed back in Switzerland. Upon my return I began a private school education, furthering my desire 2 creatively impact the world. 3+ years later, after graduation (and several part-time jobs simultaneously), off I went with courage and ALL to make a way, meeting a special friend, ❤️ living in the land of possibility. Hooray!

A heart born of YES in the midst of a land and people` scape pointing out limitations as they rightfully appeared to be replaced. Willing to be and do what it took to get there, “facing the unknown.” Uhhh!

When I, a Swiss first immigrated to this country, I was brave, but pretty lost and discombobulated at times, as things went readily awry. Willing to go through the grief, and to disappoint the expectations of those I loved dearly; in order to live MY life, heeding the call to live it. Outside of Who and What I ever knew. Presented with the ultimate opportunity for growth (personally/ professionally), as wins and loses we're destined 2 lay their path before me.

Having left my country (to my parent's dismay), and tribe in Switzerland allowed me to truly become bi-cultural, and what I thought I knew, did no longer always apply. Having spoken my truth, from my adored parents I took with me the love, the mind and the spirit filled within; eternally grateful for their light to spark ME alive. Curiosity that didn’t kill the cat (yet), lol!

Nobody seemed to quite “get” the Swiss in me!” Having been witty and using humor to survive and thrive, folks at first did not even get my jokes, never mind the language barrier. 😉 Different figure of speeches and customs to abide…Of course that was the least to get by.

The opportunity to adapt, understand and "find" myself within a new culture, language and mentality were at hand. My own upbringing “trained” me well, and the love of people pushed me to learn about and deeply study personalities/ profiles, communication/ relational styles, positive psychology etc.. All the while finding my own way "outside of the box." Trying to not lose myself. AND “Open Sesame” appeared, just as part of the evolution, spicing things UP.

Life experience` and teachings with its wins, losses, joys, grief, dreams shattered, and yes, new ones built. From which it's deep dive and maturation process allowed me to extract a creative tool box, liberating preconceived notions and conditionings. The resilience of overcoming obstacles through leadership/character rising development, infusing ultimate possibility thinking to the mix.

As I forged my way, recognizing the Fata Morgana Mirage, dispelling its illusions, it was this accelerated growth mindset enabling me to embark upon the privilege to speak, lead and coach teams & individuals internationally.

Bringing an energy of zest and compassion for humanities diversity. Having drawn from my own continual liberation to shift perspective, and create a doorway to freedom for others to recognize WHO they are; while building genuine self-confidence, life success habits, guided by intrinsic motivation, and the resilience of overcoming obstacles as another day at the office.

On my journey across the pond, nothing was as it seemed. From crisis to multiple Blessings in Disguise... I had lost everything, in order to find everything, overshadowing my true self. Wow! Concentrating my energy into power and finding restraint. Starting to live a more bold, liberated and REALized life indeed.

Having been richly involved in my parents aging process (many trips to assure loving care), I since buried my mother, and my father as of late, also allowing a new reckoning to emerge.

The journey was my own..

To be willing vs. willful is so much more important. Can you be willing to get lost, to FIND who you always have been. Kissed alive and transformed by the frog winking at you, braking the spell, as your truth has set you FREE.

I am deeply grateful for all received, and everything I thought I wanted, and didn't. Often, things are not what they seem, and as the acting victim or magician of your own life, you have the power 2 dispel the illusion, or play another hand in disguise. ✋

This is what I know for sure. When you trust your journey, no matter what things may "look like," life will always nudge you, or pull the rug out from under you, in order to help you get on your path; and it's always much better than the one you could have thought of. No exception.

Embrace the possibility of ALL you are, living as such, knowing that you are ALL that!

Be a difference maker!

Your time is NOW. Make your life count!

Life, or whomever you may call your God, loves you SO much. Trust it; as it will disagree with you, until you learn to yield and flow within the pattern and in the direction of your destiny.

And life will continue 2 breathe through you like the ebb and flow, emerging with the

DAWN that has always been YOU.

With much love,

Daniela, your Truth Liberator

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Jun 13, 2019

"Tiger" really whetted my appetite to plan the rest of life with ways to accomplish what I need to learn.

I feel that being in this earth "school" should show gratitude to the "universe" by service. It seems to me that we have an innate inner knowing of how we can be decent human beings, and "Tiger" has shown me some avenues of thought as to how to do them. Sometimes we just need a little push, and your article has helped me with that. Perhaps I will make an appointment. I like your no nonsense way of thinking.

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