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I Fight like a Tiger...🐅… hear me purr

Truth Declarations Series Empowerment Message

The tiger is the master of its own domain. It helps you find the strength and the willpower to overcome the challenges in your life. The tiger holds great passion and energy. Some Qualities: Strength and courage. Determination and independence, laser sharp focus clearing distractions. Patience, forgoing speed and aggression vs. roaring at your “targets” losing your grasp. Sometimes to be successful in life, you need to forego speed and aggression. Perhaps you just need to slow down, listen closely, and wait for the perfect time, and be clear and know what your fight is FOR.

I “fight” like a tiger for those that cannot yet speak the language of their own heart-felt truth, and I help them speak it.

I fought like a tiger carrying the overflow of those that could not bear it, demonstrating "how to."

I fought like a tiger for those that needed my advocacy, because no one else seemed to SEE.

I fought like a tiger for human decency, in the fight for their justice, for those bullied by bigger egos, early in my teens.

I fought like a tiger against popular opinions, but for what was right no matter the plight.

I have fought for many, only so they could stand UP for their own right, whether freedom of expression for our Young or dignity for our elderly.

It's the fight of One that knows that you CAN claim your right to be alive,

to be FREE

to live your life with Vision and Passion,

Purpose and Conviction. As long as you don't intentionally hurt anyone else on the ride.

It's the fight of One that learned early on, that if she didn't fight for her-self, no one else would do it for her.

It's the fight of One that reckoned that walls separate,

and trusting oneself opens the heart, widening the circles of life;

allowing gentle receptiveness to strengthen resolve and connection.

Fight like a tiger not against expectations, but FOR what you believe.

Know that you are responsible FOR your own fight, and no one else’s.

Know that if you “give up” that fight, that also is your right.

Know the fight FOR and to BE your true self, will by far be your biggest fight.

Know when you WON that fight, you will stand in your own courage, in your own truth; unified by compassion and open to others` right. Not insisting on rightness or taking offense, but allowing for differences to mend.

Know that when you WON that fight, you will no longer need to fight, because you will OWN your right, released of preconceived notions.

Feeling liberated...

Living your BEST life!

With much love!

Daniela, Truth Liberator

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