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The Power of Love VS. The Love of Power

Do you find yourself in power struggles personally and/or professionally? Learn how the power of love can make a difference in your relationships with others and yourself.

Even though most of us say we prefer love over power, the way we behave is often to the contrary. Love and power are often at odds with one another. Love is about affection and respect; power is about control. When real love is the motivator, people deal with each other peacefully (Reed 2007).

In business, using love (instead of power) as a strategy can:

  • Empower and unleash the potential of your employees

  • Create internal alignment amongst your teams

  • Provide a results-oriented environment for success

  • Catapult high performers to the next level achievement

  • Make your company more successful

In our personal lives, the power of love helps promote:

  • Healthier lifestyle choices

  • Good self-esteem

  • The lessening of stress

  • Better mental health

  • Improved relationships

Whole-life success is about the power of love of yourself and those you love -- VS the love of power. When there is an overt focus on the love of power, someone always loses. A mature, responsible person neither seeks undue power of over others nor wishes to see others subjected to others power.

Daniela Bumann's Vibrant Living Performance Triad provides a sure-fire pathway to unleash the potential of any individual or organization willing to stop doing “business as usual” and start incorporating heart-centered skills that open new pathways for change and results to emerge.

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