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At the top of your game and ready to lose it all...

William Smith, top executive at a prestigious Fortune 500 company, looks like he has it all figured out and all under control. His boss thinks he is brilliant, his team respects him, and he loves his work. A lifelong high-performer, he barely noticed the long hours and ever-increasing responsibilities until his wife threatened divorce, his son stopped talking to him, and his previously-resilient body was over-whelmed by  unmanageable headaches, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Is it even possible to be a high-performer and live without this type of pain?

High-Performance Without Pain follows William from the moment he reached out for help to the moment he reclaimed his vibrant life with the support of Daniela Bumann, a performance coach known by her clients as The Liberator. Infused with eye-opening insights and strategically practical tools, this book will help you understand and integrate The 7 Mindfulness Habits that will empower you to:

       •    REWRITE your “high-performer pain” stories 
       •    RECREATE healthy boundaries between work and life 
       •    REDUCE your anxiety, depression, and exhaustion
       •    REALIGN with your values and create congruence
       •    RETURN your clarity, focus, and optimism
       •    RECLAIM a sense of self-direction and flow
       •    REPAIR your challenged relationships


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If you are ready to become the captain of your own ship, this book will show you exactly how to do it.

A great read for high-performers or those aspiring to be!

You can experience authentic success and fulfillment.
All you need are some new habits.


"Mindful energy management is essential in order to keep your BALANCE and PERFORMANCE in high-gear."

Daniela Bumann, Author, Motivational Speaker & Life Mastery Coach

Guided Mindfulness Meditations
with Daniela Bumann



Let Vibrant Living Guided Meditations nurture your whole being

-- BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT --

guiding you to a more energized and dynamic way of living!

A practical and everyday personal guide to accompany you through all aspects of your day from morning ‘til night.

High Performance Without Pain
Companion Products

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The High-Performance Without Pain PLANNER

The planner is your companion guide to incorporating and working with the 7 game-changing mindfulness habits found in "High-Performance Without Pain: A 7-Step Blueprint to Reclaim Your Vibrant Life and Get Even More Done."

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The High-Performance Without Pain WORKBOOK

Used alone or alongside the book, "High Performance WITHOUT Pain", this companion workbook will help you integrate 7 Mindfulness Transformer Habits deeply into your everyday experience as a high-performing professional and in all of the other roles you play in your life.

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The High-Performance Without Pain DAILY ALIGNMENT CARDS

Instead of pushing through the pain, the pressure, or the problem at home or work, use this deck to get to the bottom of it and uncover a new solution with one of the 7 Mindfulness Transformer Habits.


What do readers have to say about High Performance Without Pain?

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Stan Morrison

Stan Morrison Consulting, Keynote Speaking

"By page two, I said to myself, 'She’s writing about me!' I found myself hooked as she masterfully articulated professional and personal issues I have lived. Whether you are a Fortune 500 executive, a recent graduate from a master’s program, or working in business, education, sports or industry, you owe it to yourself to partake of the vast knowledge, research, experience and on-point presentation that unfolds in her well told “story” about you and me.


Persuasively and gently, Ms. Bumann injects huge doses of common sense in telling her story. She allows you to sit in her office with William as she takes him through seven steps in retaining high-performance. Through well-articulated and subtle adjustments, she builds on simple awareness. She will open your eyes to avenues of communication, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and time management that each of us can make through discovery. It will get personal, and you will be inspired and watch William learn and grow.


The early Greek sophists saw the perfect man as a perfect triangle composed of three sides: Intellect, Emotion, and Physical. When one side became distorted or over-emphasized, you would see the 'nerd' or the 'drama queen' or the 'dumb jock' emerge. Those distortions create the headaches, anxiety, fear, and overwhelming sense of pressure we see today in ourselves and our colleagues. Ms. Bumann’s book allows us to become aware of the distortions and seek increased balance and the desired effectiveness.


As you learn to 'practice presence' and gain balance, you will be able to make self-judgments that eliminate hurdles and increase quality of life without pills or your favorite beverage. The mirror the author provides for the reader is remarkable through her dialogue with William. When you see your own image in her office, you are not threatened. You will be curious, excited, and captured by the 'Spirit of Equanimity' she brings to the surface.


In the privacy of your reading, you’ll deal with ego and recognize that the best friend of patience is trust. Learning to trust yourself without relinquishing your passion for your work and life purpose is a huge step for anyone. Daniela Bumann will help you get there and that is the genius of her High-Performance Without Pain. Take a deep, deep breath and enjoy the journey as you realize and grow.

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"High performance requires ongoing growth.  Growth comes from both listening to and learning from personal experience, as well as fully appreciating and developing based on the experiences of others.  In High Performance Without Pain, Daniela not only leads us through how to maximize growth from our own experiences, but graciously shares her journey that helped lead to the important 7 step formula for continued progress.  Balance is key, and Daniela’s 7 steps are exquisitely balanced.  They can be applied to our day-to-day life rhythms, but even more importantly used for ongoing high performance in our life purpose and calling.  I’m grateful for this book in my journey, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for ongoing growth and a balanced high-performance life.

Wayne S. Dysinger

MD, MPH; Founder, Lifestyle Medical; Chair, American and International Board of Lifestyle Medicine; Past-President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

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Ursula Mentjes

Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker

“I’ve been a high performer my entire life, always wanting to do my best and be my best. But at what cost? I wish I would have read Daniela’s book about 25 years ago, as it would have saved me a lot of pain and suffering! Don’t just read High-Performance Without Pain — LIVE IT. Read it and take yourself through the exercises that she has given you to be a high-performer who lives in joy, peace, and freedom… and not regret. And gift a copy of this book to all of your highperformer friends, family, and clients. They will thank you!


Amanda Johnson

Founder of True to Intention

“Being a high-performer is a blessing with a dark shadow potential. I’m grateful that Daniela is helping us develop habits to keep us productive, healthy, and sane, and prevent us from losing the people we treasure the most.


Alyssa Noelle Coelho


Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur

“As a high-performer in my mid-twenties,

I wish I would have read this book

ten years ago.

Over-working myself in order to achieve my goals has been a constant theme throughout my life and while I have tasted success,

I have been lacking so many other ingredients for a healthy,

well-rounded lifestyle.

Daniela eloquently navigates the terrain all of us high-performers struggle with and provides practical tools and insights for creating and achieving a truly wholesome success.

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Kathryn Leeman



“As a multi-faceted health professional and life coach, I am very impressed with Daniela’s book. She has made it simple and easy to incorporate the exercises of awareness in action into anyone’s life, let alone high-performers in business. I know of people from every walk in life who can benefit from her research, expertise, and wisdom. She is one who walks the talk, therefore has an amazing capacity to understand anyone who walks through her door. I highly recommend her book and her coaching.

Dr. Jennifer Cruz-Bracero


MD, Pediatrician

“Liberating, that’s how I would describe this book. It’s easy to read and keeps you captivated. 


Reading through the pages felt like being back in one of her sessions. After I was working with Daniela for a few months, I started seeing life’s difficulties from a different perspective. As a result I became in control of my emotions and responses. No longer  people, work, fear or anxieties determined the course of my day and my decisions. I learned to have boundaries, respect myself and express my wants. This book is invaluable and a must read!


Dr. Rob Kim


DDS and Entrepreneur

“This book is phenomenal.

I’ve worked with Daniela and she rewired my thoughts and habits as a high-performing entrepreneur and dentist. Daniela gave me the tools to cope and to succeed by removing the emotional layers and cob-webs that hindered me. We must identify the pain to overcome it, and Daniela has helped me do so in an effective and powerful way.

Thank you, Daniela!

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Lori Raupe


Three-time #1 International Best-Selling Author, John Maxwell Team - Business Consultant, and Life Strategist

“If you want to get more done and be fulfilled while doing it, this book is for you. Daniela's passion to help people with transformation and the seven habits that she includes within the pages of this book will help you become a better version of yourself. Explore each habit. Take time to reflect on where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to be. This will help you in your endeavor to become more of a success, whatever that means to you, in your life. One of the most effective ways to improve your life is to learn from others, and this book is a wonderful opportunity to learn from Daniela and William -- both of whom will show you how to live a high-performance life with more fulfillment!

Tobi Nieland

“The new Daily Alignment Cards are a fabulous addition to the High Performers tool kit.  Each morning, I look forward to choosing a card and placing it on my desk for a quick reminder of what is truly important. For three days in a row I pulled the same card, and realized it was trying to draw my attention to something significant.


They are a whimsical way to connect all of the mindfulness habits and strategies we have worked on and they help me reset and pivot as necessary throughout the day. I am always surprised how relevant each and every card is to my life.


Dr. Vivek Soham


MSc DC, Founder and CEO of Nimbus Brain & Spine

"No matter how many things you have achieved or whether you are ranked #1 in the world for what you do, everybody has a coach. This book is something Daniela has provided to the driven, well-rounded individuals wanting to go to the next level and move beyond the mental blocks. Breaking down barriers in places you least expect yields great results.

For me, it was relationships. Being a sociable, talkative person blinded me to the fact that my past and present relationships with myself and others were holding me back. This book provides the useful everyday habits and practices you need to ensure you don't fall into the trap like every other high-performance individual. This book is an absolute game-changer!

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Robbie Motter GSFE.jpg

Robbie Motter


Founder/CEO Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE) a 501 c3 nonprofits US & International Best-Selling Author, Radio Show Host

“Daniela's book is thought-provoking, compassionate, and insightful.

Her expertise and strategic 'know-how' fills in the gaps where others stop.

The 7-habit blueprint outlined in this book is a way out and helps us re-frame societal beliefs and pressure. It provides a mindful, empowering, down-to-earth, practical,

and game-changing alternative for men

and women regarding how to achieve happiness and next-level success from the inside-out.